7 reasons why startup is better than a job (Startup vs Job)

15 Jan 2021 | 09:01 PM

With rapid increase in use of technology we have seen a lot of new startups reaching success. An online startup if developed with the right steps and requirements of users can easily become a money making machine without requiring a lot of effort. Whereas job seems to be easy and comfortable but it is restricted to a limited amount of reward. Below are 7 reasons why you should have your own startup rather than doing a job.

You are your own boss

The best thing of a startup is that you are not fully answerable to anyone as you have the ownership of your product. You can make decisions that you know are best for your business. You can use your skills in the best way. You can follow your own schedule and do your work according to your lifestyle.

Limitless Earning

Working for a 9 to 5 Job a fixed amount of salary earned by the employee. It doesn't matter how much effort you put on work your salary is fixed. But for your own startup the more you work the more will be the reward if worked properly. You are not limited to a fixed amount. Your success is dynamic and is directly effected by the efforts you put.

Gain Respect

If you work on your own startup whether you are successful or not still people will have huge respect for you. People will see you as a confident person who is working hard towards his goals.

Gain Mental Strength

Working on your own startup is full of challenges. Every day an entrepreneur has to face new challenges. These challenges are not comfortable but as soon as the entrepreneur faces these challenges he gains mental strength and becomes stronger. After handling his own issues the entrepreneur working on his startup turns in to a mentally strong person.

New Learning Opportunities

Devolving a startup is full of challenges and need continuous knowledge to tackle daily tasks. For this purpose an entrepreneur learns a lot of new things every day. Still if the startup proves to be unsuccessful an entrepreneur learns a lot of new things which can be beneficial at any later stage of life.

Helpful for other

After facing challenges person working on startup gets a lot of knowledge and can help many other people who also want to work on a startup. As soon as the startup is turned into a business an entrepreneur hires new people for work.

No Payment Problems

Doing a job sometimes has salary issues. Sometimes salary is not given to the employees on time. But working on a startup you git rid of all these tensions as you get paid directly.


In this fast era and rapidly growing world you must choose your own startup over a job. Your startup will not only impact your life but it will also have a huge impact on lives of other people. You should become your own boss by taking a decision on starting your own startup.

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